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Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I buy?
You can buy both the CS2 Putting Aid and the CS2 Putting Cup at NB, shipping is included in the price. Alternatively, both products are available at most major retail outlets.

Does it accommodate all putting styles?
Absolutely, unlike most putting aids in the market, the CS2 has flexible rails that allow you to set up according to your stroke path as well as adjustable settings. So whether you are a Square-to-Square or arced putter, left handed or right handed player, a beginner or pro, the CS2 is perfect for you.

Who recommends the CS2?
Mike Shannon, who if you ask us is one of the best putting coaches in the world, believes that the CS2 Putting Aid is by far the best product to hit the market in over 20 years. Mike believes that any golfer serious enough about practicing perfectly should train using the CS2.
Another great recommendation comes from former British Open winner Ian Baker-Finch. Ian has been using the CS2 for some time now and strongly believes that it is the only way to practice!

Why is the CS2 Putting Aid better than other products?
Simply put, the CS2 allows you to practice in a way that works with your stroke! Labeled as the most comprehensive putting aid, the CS2 allows you to work on all the fundamentals of putting either in the comfort of your home or on the putting green. The CS2 is the only putting aid that allows you to remove some assisting elements as you improve much like training wheels on a bicycle. As Ian Baker-Finch pointed out, practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect!

Do I get a free CS2 Putting Cup with my Putting Aid?
Yes, The CS2 Putting Cup in included.

What makes the CS2 Putting Cup better then other cups?
The CS2 Putting Cup is designed to only accept balls that are hit at the correct pace and allows balls to exit the cup to allow for repetitive putting – a key component of developing sufficient muscle memory.

Is there an instructional DVD included?
Yes, both Ian Baker-Finch and Mike Shannon take you through all the necessary steps in setting up, using and benefiting from the CS2. Also included are putting tips from world-renowned putting coach Mike Shannon.

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